Of course the boys have a podcast.  It's called PAY DAYS with On the Bench - a semi-comprehensive sports review by the most unreliable commentators in the industry: Olly Postanin & Jacob Ardown. Hailing from Calgary, but whose experience traverses the planet, the boys host PAY DAYS on the 1st & 15th of each month.

When it's a Pay Day - YOU, the listeners and OTB Followers, get Paid.  That's right - listen to the podcast within the first 24 hours of post on either the 1st or 15th and listen for the unique code in each episode - then go to www.onthebench.life and select the Pay Days Mystery Item in your size and enter the code at check-out and you'll receive your paycheck - which is the free item that shows up at your doorstep ....What other podcast pays your for listening? That's just one way the boys are true beauties!

Tune-in for unique sports analysis that’s part late-night talk show with game show flair - you can call it comedy cuz hey, we like jokes!

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