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OTB Bucket Lids

On the Bench Life

OTB Bucket Lids

$30 USD

These trendy bucky hats will keep your lid dry when compliments rain from the stands.  Go ahead and select from three stylish tie dye color blends - or get all three and let the fans shower you with praise.

This is great for the boys and the rockets (girls)

 Once Size.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Unstructured, 3½" crown
  • Sewn eyelets
  • 2" brim

Never Miss An Eppie

On the Bench with Olly & Jacob

Armed with a penchant for making people laugh and a passion for bringing fun back to the game of hockey, Olly & Jacob of "On the Bench" have become the favored pop-culture duo who teach the fundies of the game to a rapidly-growing base of engaged players, followers, and fans on social media.

Olly Postanin is a smooth shot with mad skills, adorned in well-loved cowboy boots, torn jeans and killer hockey flow. 

Jacob Ardown sports a snazzy red hat, stylin' plaid vest (that's all class) and has a snappy bar-down shot unequalled on the rink.